Instruction video for Excellent Team Rollup apps

Let me (re)introduce the Excellent Team rollup apps in this full (35 min) instruction video.

Rollup Multiple Boards aggregates information from detail boards into real columns. The detailed boards are created from the master board based on templates. With the available integrations you can summarize almost any column form your detail board(s). Each item in the master board represents an entire detail board. With filtering you can easily define which items (default is ALL) from the detail boards are used in the master board. The RAG traffic light status column let you define the rules when a detailed board’s overall status is Red, Amber of Green. This is an existing app (over 500 customers).

Rollup Subitems is a our latest app and aggregates subitem data into the parent item. This is a good alternative if you don’t want to use the standard “Show summary in parent” option because you have items that doesn’t have subitems and you want to enter the information directly in the item. Like Rollup Multiple boards the app support filtering and the RAG traffic light column.

The last part of the video shows how you can combine these two apps in a powerful system that aggregates data form items and subitems.

More info can be found at our app-store.