Integrate holiday dates when creating a Project Plan with Simple Project template

Just copying the below from community:

Integrate holiday dates
because I want the same feature but not the recommended solution.

Thanking you in advance

Hello @spyros.savvides,

The Date Check app which we are close to releasing can do exactly that.
Here is a demo of the app in action.

Here is a post which further describes the app and a link to early access. If you have any questions, you can always reach out at

Thanks for the prompt reply kolaai. When are you planning to release exactly?

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The app is currently undergoing monday review process for marketplace apps. Once the process is done, the app will be available on the marketplace

Is there a workaround somewhere? I mean until this becomes available?

Not that I know of

kolai the app is quite promising I must say.

I have a couple of issues though.

  1. When I include the holidays and extend the duration It calculates the weekends which is something I dont want.

  2. When you display duration in days you include the holidays as well. Usually when the duration is 15 days you extend the timeline to include holidays but the number must remain 15 and not 15 + 5days holidays = 20d

  3. What about when you unselect a person. Shouldn’t the timeline go back to the original dates?

Please advice.

PS: I have disabled weekends in the Admin module

Hello @spyros.savvides,

Thank you for trying the app.

  1. By default, the app has no concept of ‘weekends’. You can select “non-working days” when creating a template and that is what the app will use updating a timeline or date
  2. We are currently working on an update which will cater for both question 2 and 3.
    I will keep you updated when it is available.

If you have any further questions, please reach out at