Integrate own email with api

Hello, i would like to ask something. i am new here and we would like to start with monday as it is an amazing app and so much more then we have now in trello.
For now you can only integrate gmail and outlook. that is a bit of an issue for us as we have our own domain name as a company not with outlook or gmail. is it possible through api key to connect our own mail in monday when mails come in it becomes a task? if so, how exactly can we do this?


It is possible to have your own domain and use gmail or outlook. Wasn’t sure you were aware of that.

Items can be created by sending emails directly to a board. You can get more information on this by going to your monday user profile and clicking Email Integration. Basically, anyone that is a member of a board can send an email that will create an item using You can also allow ANYONE to send an email to a board by using the address format in your user profile Email Integration page. Those look something like this: So, one way beyond having people send directly to the board is to use your email system to forward the desired emails to the board address.

Finally, to do basically what base monday does when integrating with gmail or outlook, you could use Integromat or similar to create your own integration. With Integromat specifically, you should be able to easily integrate with any IMAP email.

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so with integromat it isn’t needed to use the API for integrations (for email)?
I see what you mean with forwarding mails, but can you also select what type of incoming mail through Outlook comes in on monday board?
for example, several mails that come in are for orders, others more commercial based, or just questions… is there a way to make for example, “more info” mails come in in monday boards, and others excluded?
or is that too much to ask for? because i can understand there will be limitations to a certain solution. We wanna use the monday board with email integration solely for incoming questions from customers, or more said, incoming orders, and information requests.


Integromat uses the monday APIs to do it’s work. There is nothing magic about how it works. The primary advantage is simply that it handles much of the overhead that would be required if you were doing a custom programming solution.

As far as filtering emails that are forwarded to boards, my recommendation would be to use whatever filtering is available in your email system. For example, both Gmail and Outlook allow you to filter which emails are forwarded based on sender, subject, content, etc.

If your email does not have sufficient filters, it would be possible to do that after it gets to the board by deleting anything you don’t want… just more work and not as clean.

Ok, thank you for responding

so if i understand rightly, for Integromat we need the API from monday to to it’s work, our own domain (which isn’t from outlook or gmail but all integrated in outlook) can be used by fastforwarding mails to our chosen boards, the filtering should be done in outlook, even if our own domain isn’t from outlook itself?
we want ofcourse like everyone else as less work cleaning up as possible.

For now i will check Intergromat out, and check our current domain if we are able to filter.
what we have is a website, where ppl can send mails to, through the contact page, we want these mails to come to our boards, other mails that are sent directly are the mails we don’t want in our board, so if i understand it right, we should actually change the mail in our website dashboard to the the monday board? and that would actually do the trick?

Another question (if i have to make a new topic i understand and will do so) is the security in monday, for example;

if we have our guests (which would be 3 salespersons working for us externally) are included as guests, to see a private board, are they able to make more boards as well in our dash, or is that restricted? we using the trial pro and will buy the pro version as well, which does not include the admin tool “restrictions”.


Would you like to discuss this? Might be easier.