Integrating marketing data into Monday

Hi everyone,

I’m excited to share that we ( are in the process of launching our beta integration with Monday.

Supermetrics enables you to easily access and retrieve your key marketing data from dozens of different marketing tools, social networks and more. It’s used by over 16,000 businesses worldwide to get their data to where they work (Spreadsheets, Visualisation tools, Data warehouses etc).

As part of our initial beta we are rolling out support to connect Google Ads into Monday, allowing you to easily import the data on an automated/scheduled basis, and produce reports, automate tasks and more.

We are looking for beta testers with an active Google Adwords account who would be interested in learning more and potentially taking part. We would be interested in talking to both direct users and agencies on behalf of their customers.

If you are interested feel free to reply here or drop me a message, or to

Equally, I’d be just as keen to hear from people about which of the 80+ integrations we currently support we should implement next, so feel free to reach out to discuss that as well!



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This is so exciting!! Very important integration for all marketers using - looking forward to seeing the feedback on this!

Very cool! Going to move this to the “Share your apps” section because it’s more relevant.

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