Integration Between and Mailchimp

Integration Between and Mailchimp, to flow all column values from to Mailchimp.
Does the API support to map column values from Monday to Mailchimp?
If this supports, please guide me here…

Hi @suchithra, welcome to our community!

At this time, our native Mailchimp integration recipes only allows you to create new contacts in your Mailchimp lists.

If you’re looking to build any additional functionality between and Mailchimp, you can either use a third-party app integrator platform such as Zapier and Integromat, or you can create a custom monday app using our monday apps framework as well.

I’m not sure how technical you are, but depending on your level of experience, one option may be better than another.

If you’re looking for documentation on how to build out this dynamic mapping feature in your own custom monday app, check out this article that shows you how to do so: Dynamic Mapping.

I hope this helps! Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns at this time.

Hi Helen,
Thanks for the reply.
I can achieve column mapping by Zapier platform.

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I’m glad to hear @suchithra!

Let us know if you have additional questions or concerns at this time.

Hi Helen, Thanks for reply

  • Is dynamic mapping feature restricted to within or Can we customise to work with the different tool( ex: jira)?
  • If we can achieve dynamic mapping across the two different tools( monday & jira), how to connect?

For your reference,

  • I want to integrate jira and, to map comment, Sprint, assignee and attachment fields from jira to

  • Existing recipes in do not support comment, Sprint, assignee and attachment jira fields to map.

  • Your Documentation of “creating API on Monday”, has no exact information on whether it needs coding or not, if needed I want to know the platform to write code.

Waiting for your reply…

Hello @Helen, expecting solutions for the above mentioned queries.

Hi @suchithra!

Dynamic mapping is an aspect of our monday apps framework that allows you to map values dynamically into your items, and also from your items. You can definitely create an integration recipe that utilizes dynamic mapping with a separate platform (such as Jira).

So yes, in this case you will indeed need a technical background that will require coding. Dynamic mapping still does require you to manipulate data and format it in a way that will be able to accept.

You can really code in any language of your choosing. We typically talk about/utilize Node.js, and you will see that a lot of our example apps will utilize it (it’s a JavaScript runtime environment).

From your description it sounds like you can definitely create this integration yourself, but it will require technical knowledge and experience.

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