Integration for pulling in JIRA Epics as well as their Child tickets

We have been using Monday to manage and report on our Epics. We have gotten great feedback as this has made it much easier for all users to stay up-to-date on project statuses and timelines. However, we are limited in our ability to report on a more granular level (stories/tasks).

What we would like is to be able to have two integrations:

  1. One integration to create a line item in a board for Epic tickets in our project (Already implemented)
  2. Another integration to create sub-tasks under each Epic ticket for each Story/Task within that Epic. All of these tickets have the same Epic Link field so the general idea would be to look at all the top-level rows (Epics) in the board and compare their Epic Names against the Epic Link of any newly created Stories/Tasks.

Ideally, there would be recipes to enable a two-way sync so that users could also create a sub-task under a top level row which would create a Story/Task (user would be able to set issue type) under that Epic.

This would go a long way with allowing us to further move towards having Monday be our golden source for project details.