Integration recipe keeps triggering after receiving a successful response

Hello Monday Community!

I am currently running into some interesting behavior with an integration recipe that hits a custom URL whenever a status updates to a specific value on one of my boards. Even after the endpoint returns a 200 success response, the automation continue to trigger every minute on the minute.

I do remember reading that this is the behavior for the next 30 minutes in the case of a request failure, however the request does not fail. One thing to note is that the request also does not currently return a value with the successful response.

I currently have a work-around in place, so my work is not impacted. I am more curious to see if this is a know behavior amongst y’all. :cowboy_hat_face:

Thank you for your time!


Hey @andrew.shatz
Our integrations don’t return values at all, other than regular HTTP status codes, like 200 or 401, so it seems that’s not the actual problem.


How long does your script run for?

If it takes longer than 60 seconds to recieve a 200 response, it will assume this has failed and try again.

I am using a custom action that hits a Flask API currently deployed in AWS. The actual request once it reaches the Flask API takes less than 10-15 seconds (after reading multiple boards and creating content in a 3rd party system), so the issue is not that the request takes longer than a minute.

However, one thing that I did notice is that when adding a message body to the successful HTTP response from the Flask API, the issue stops, and does not make any additional requests. It only seems to happen when the message body of the response null/has no content.

Thank you @rob and @mitchell.hudson for your responses!

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