Integration Recipe with a Custom Trigger

I am stuck on trying to build an integration recipe. I want to create a recipe with a custom trigger that has a built-in action (Create Item) with possible column fields that loads remotely.
I want to build a similar recipe to this Zendesk recipe

I am stuck on how I can provide the supported fields from my external application, so the user can choose these fields when the recipe is been configured. Something similar to do the Zendesk integration recipe below

I suspect it has to do with the dynamic mapping Dynamic mapping but I really dont know how to go about it.

Hi @Keem

You are certainly on the right track!

Your first place to check out should be the docs on the custom trigger - Custom triggers
I would try to get a custom trigger working without any custom fields first before adding in the complexity of the dynamic mapping.

Once you are you able to call the subscription URL to trigger an action, then look at the dynamic mapping.

To get this to work, you need to create a custom field with type Dynamic Mapping. This custom field should be an output field which is then provided to your action via the custom trigger.

The action will use the inboundType as the value which is passed to the Item Mapping within the recipe so it knows the data type to expect.

Let me know if you have any specific questions around custom triggers or dynamic mapping!