Integration rule for Jira to map the Sprint Name and/or Sprint Dates (From/To)

I am using the Jira integration and created a Text field for the Sprint in Monday. I also tried this using a date field. However, the list in the integration setup did not provide “Sprint” or Sprint To/From dates as an option in the field mapping. Sprint is important for communicating to the rest of the organization the Sprint end date so they know when a feature will be released.

Any other options I am not seeing that would allow this mapping from Jira to Monday?


As you have described, not all JIRA fields are available in the standard integration. These integrations can be enhanced by using the API’s and webhooks in JIRA and monday with custom apps or tools like Integromat and Zapier. It may sound complicated; but, generally speaking, when dealing with simple fields (as opposed to things like comments) in a one-way mapping it is not that difficult.

Jim - The Monday Man channel
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