Integration with Axure RP

I saw on the public roadmap that an integration with InVision was planned. Can we also please get an integration for Axure RP? Our entire company uses Axure RP for all our wireframing needs. We currently use the info boxes to post links to our wireframes. But if we could have more integrated experience with automations that would be wonderful.

The way our team uses it is as follows:

  • Create wireframes and submit link
  • Change status to ready for review
  • People review and use the checklist function to request changes to the wireframes
  • Back and forth discussions
  • Change status to approved when ready

Hi Jaewoo,

Lisa here :slight_smile: Thank you for submitting a feature request. At present an integration with Axure RP isn’t on our roadmap. With that being said, I’d be happy to make our developers aware of the request. Have you had a chance to checkout our API? This can be used to set up a custom integration.