Integration with HelpDesk platforms

Hi community
Quick question about integration with Helpdesk platforms. So far, my organization is using Freshdesk as a main helpdesk tool. Is there any integration with Monday Bugs Queue? We are trying to keep a workflow in which, the users can report the issues in the helpdesk software and, once the issue is validated as development one (a bug), this can be placed in the Bug Queue in Monday… and more over, one the bug has been fixed, to be reported to the helpdesk… perhaps is kind of “wishlist”, but no hurts to ask!

Thanks everyone for your help!

Ana María

Hi @anamariaelsal - there is a Freshdesk app in monday for integration and many options available in as well to integrate the two platforms.

If you ever need more assistance in getting your workflow created feel free to reach out anytime.
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Thanks @mark.anley for your quick support and for the booking link! Will check it out

Ana Maria

Hi Ana Maria de Espinoza,

We’re a Global Gold Monday.Com partner with over 20 years specialising in Workflow and Content in many industries.

We have a team of Monday experts and have developed a very popular ‘Fresh Start’ packages for reviewing, improving and onboarding

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Hello Adam
Many thanks to offer us having this call. We are in the process to evaluate Monday vrs other platforms and so, as you can imagine, we have many questions, some are sort out thru this community and people like you so thanks, but still have many other things we would like to know about the system. How we can arrange this call? Thanks!

Hi @anamariaelsal good luck with the research.
From working with monday users I have learned that some of the gaps between monday solution to other 3rd part help desk solutions are

  • Auto-populating email and sender name to enable automations like auto responders
  • The ability to create a roles and rules for managing an helpdesk workflow.

Once you had more time to evaluate I think that you should check out Extract marketplace app for extracting email addresses and sender names from monday board updates into the helpdesk board and VLOOKUP apps that can help create a repository board that can auto assign reps to different kind of cases and manage SLA.

I’m here for any question.