Integration with MS Flow

Hello All.
I built the custom action which supposed to execute the MS flow URL when new Item is created.

The trigger is executed, but all actions remain in the failed or in progress state

My Ms Flow is very simple. It returns 200 status (I checked it with Postman).

When I register the webhook - it’s working.
What could be a problem with the custom action?

Hi @vadik1!

Sorry to see you’re running into some trouble here. Happy to help think through what could be going wrong.

Do you see an error code in the “Failed” notification? It would be helpful to see where the issue failed.

I also see that you’re not passing into data into the Custom Action block you’ve built. I’m assuming you want to pull in the item values of the item that was used to trigger this automation? If so, you would need to add the “Itemvalues” item into your action block input fields section.


Hi Helen.
Thank you for the prompt response. I have added the Item Column Values input field,
however the integration still doesn’t work.
There is no error code or any error message in the integration activity log:

Hi @vadik1!

Hmmm super weird. I want to check the logs for this automation.

Do you mind toggling on Developer’s Mode in your monday.labs area, and letting me know what your custom integration ID is? I can then check the logs for any error messages I ssese.

Thank you!

Hi Helen,
my integration is “39664159”.
Thank you!

Hi @vadik1!

I wasn’t able to find anything particularly illuminating in the logs. It all seems to indicate an error in the custom action without specificity as to what the error is.

Let’s hop on a call to troubleshoot this further together. Do you mind writing into so we can set up a call?