Integration with Outlook app/web; automated email with content of added task

Posting this here following a chat with a support specialist.

I notice Microsoft Outlook has a third-party plug-in for the mail app (link: and I believe this has NOT been approved by

So… I was hoping there would be an official integration support (similar to what you have going with Microsoft Teams).

Also, I notice one can receive an email when a task is added to a board, but it would help greatly if the mail notification can also include any additional information or update that is added to the task (under the Conversations bubble).

The point here is to streamline all processes. Outlook already has a Tasks pane and so it’ll make more sense to have tasks show up there too and so a plug-in would be perfect (in fact it could replace the Outlook task pane the way we see it). If not, the email alert with all such contents would be a near ideal alternative because it can then be added as an Outlook task for follow-up.

We do feel such features would greatly help productivity as it will save time. Sadly, there were not many workarounds available and the closest one was a third-party app which I was a little nervous to try (I later did, and I didn’t like the experience it offered either).

Happy to offer more insights if required; please let me know. Appreciate your help and dev assistance!