Integrations Not Added To Duplicated Boards

Hey all. I have a board, that I want to use as a template for many other projects. I have added some automations to the board. 1 automation is a gmail email automation, and the other is a custom automation my company has created (PageProof).
When I create the duplicate board, only the Gmail automation is carried over to the new board.
I cannot see anywhere an option to include automation with duplications.
Please can someone let me know if there are limitations, or if I need to adapt the integration to allow duplications.
Many thnaks in advance

hi @royston
Welcome to the community. As far as I know it is dependent on how that app (PageProof) is written or more specifically how is authentication setup.

My apps do carry over when duplicating a board because I use shortLivedTokens and custom triggers. Not sure if both are required to get this working. I remember there was an article (in the community?) describing this in detail but I am not able to find it anymore.

Maybe this is a good start for the people who developed the PageProof app: Programatically enable Integrations? - #7 by mrautomation