Integrations with outlook: Full recording of email conversations in pulse updates

We have been adopting more and more through our organisation and our current aim is bringing our sales team on board. This will mainly be through creating a CRM style board on our Monday account.

So far, everything is going quite well, but a couple of our team have previously used “fully fledged” CRM systems such as ACT! and goldmine and one of the features that they enjoyed and miss the most was the ability to email a client by clicking a button in the CRM program and then it saving the email and subsequent replies under that contacts name (or in Monday’s case it would save it under a pulse update). It would then also save any replies the client sends to the pulse and subsequently any replies they make in return.

I have done a bit of searching and reading through FAQ’s on and have found a solution to partly address this use case. Currently, I have an email column set up in the pulse, this will then “CC” the pulse’s email ID into the email and so it will add the content of the email into the updates section of the pulse. Here comes my first suggestion

It would be a welcome feature if this could be “BCC’d” instead of “CC’d” as it is quite unusual to CC a random string of characters with an email address when communicating with current or potential clients.

On to the next part of our process…

I have set up the new outlook integration (which is awesome by the way). And so any replies that are received from the email address set in the pulse will automatically be added to the updates section of that pulse. Here is where that process breaks down

Unfortunately, because requires that the pulse ID email address be CC’d into any emails sent by our team, then if a team member subsequently replies to an email sent in from a client, then it will not be added to the updates for that pulse, therefore breaking the record of conversation between our team member and our client.

Here is my suggestion to fix this issue

With the current outlook integration, we can record any received emails that have been sent by the email address recorded in the “email” column to the updates section of the pulse, using the following integration:


My suggestion is to add the following outlook integration:

When an email is sent to email, add it as an update.

By using this, any emails sent to the client by our team will also be recorded into the updates section of the pulse, thereby giving our entire team an overview of our company’s interactions with the client.

Hopefully, I have explained this well enough, if you require any clarification then let me know and I’ll get back to you. I hope this is something that would be possible, as it would certainly help in convincing our sales team that this is a real solution to the “fully fledged” CRM systems that are currently available on the market.


Certainly makes sense to me and this would improve our CRM too.

Hi @scottm!

Thank you for breaking down your workflow. We are working upon improving our CRM capabilities, and I agree that this can be a great addition to the Email integration. I’ve passed this feedback along to my product team to be reviewed :slight_smile: