Integrations with third party apps

Most of the tutorials I searched on the internet for integrations on is all about adding notification, sending event. Is there any tutorial for integrating third party apps like github account, zoom, gmail etc?.

Hey @chandan, there are a couple of different options here! The first I’d recommend is a product from a company I work for, Unito! They create integrations between project management tools like Github, and any other project management tools you use. If you’re looking for an integration with Zoom, and Gmail, I heard Zapier creates automations that can do just that. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey @chandan – do you mean tutorials for developing an integration with the monday API and apps framework, or for using integrations that have already been built?

Tutorial for developing integration with apps like github,zoom gmail etc not using already built integrations

Hey @chandan :wave:

Thank you for clarifying further! Perhaps this tutorial would be helpful to build your first integration app on, made by the man, the legend @dipro himself :slight_smile:

This can guide you through all of the steps you’ll need to take in order to build a custom recipe app. From there, you’ll need to consider the API of each platform you’d like to connect with.

Does that make sense?


Hi, I have went through this tutorial, however my question was how to link my other accounts such as google, zoom account to my monday account. All the integration tutorials tells me how to perform any activity within my monday account


I’m afraid that at the time, we do not have any tutorials that would guide you on how to set up an integration to an external platform, as this is something you’d need to set up on your end. I suggest reviewing the platform’s API documentation, as well as best practices on how to set any connection up as a great place to start.

Hope this helps!


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