Interactive Maps [I.e Leaflet, Openlayers, Google etc]

So, this may be an edge case scenario. Albeit, I want to put it out in case it-happens to be less edge case than so thought.

I have a need to include a Lat/Long for every record inserted into a board. However, I have no way to allow this specific department to easily pull up a Map and grab the geocords.

Problem Statement:
The “Globe to World” App & the subsequent “Map” Apps are very limited in scope and ability. Embedding a Google Maps Instance in another Board isn’t feasible due to how clickjacking protection works (X-Frame).

The ability to navigate an in-app map instance, to pull specific features for a record entry.

Example Use-Case:
A Hydro-Linesman is required to enter in the distance of Lines strung, and location of poles. Each Work-Order has sub-tasks for each Pole - and a column within this sub-task, is asking for Lat & Long of the Pole.
Linesman can open, navigate to the relevant board and open an interactive map which he can zoom in, right click, and it pulls the Geocords from that click position into the clipboard. Linesman than proceeds to paste the Geocords into the “Location” Column.

Example Use-Case Hindrance:
Linesman has to open a separate tab, and work between two windows - which isn’t ideal and decreases productivity. Furthermore, working between two windows has increased the likelihood of mistakes.

I hope others have found this FR as a positive one & I hope the Devs take it into consideration. Lots of OSS solutions exist with SDKs/Frameworks per-existing for integration.
Many Thanks!