Introducing DocX Templater app

Hi there, Community!

We’re excited to share something we’ve been working on recently - DocX Templater. It’s a tool we developed to help simplify how you generate documents from your boards, focusing on efficiency and ease of use.

About DocX Templater:
The idea for DocX Templater came from a simple need - reducing the time spent on manual document creation. Whether it’s drafting contracts, generating invoices, or preparing reports, we wanted to automate the process, pulling data directly from your boards into your documents.

Key Features:

  • Generate Word documents with a click or when a status changes.
  • Use your own document templates for consistent branding.
  • Pull data seamlessly from items and subitems on your boards.
  • Manage your templates easily and store documents on

About Us:
LeanyLabs is a team of developers, passionate about creating tools that make your workday a little easier. We’ve built dozens of both internal and marketplace apps for ourselves and our customers

Getting Started:
Adding DocX Templater to your workspace is easy, and there’s no need for an advanced subscription. We’ve made sure it’s accessible, with both free and premium options to suit different needs.

Let’s Connect:
We’re here for more than just providing tools. If you have any questions about DocX Templater, want to share feedback, or are thinking about a custom solution tailored to your workflow, please reach out. Whether it’s through the community or a direct message, your insights and ideas inspire us to make better products.

Reach Out for Custom Solutions:
If there’s something specific you need that DocX Templater doesn’t cover, or if you have a unique challenge that requires a bespoke solution, we’re all about creating custom apps. Let’s talk about what you need and how we can help make your experience even better.

Looking forward to your thoughts and excited to support you in making document creation as smooth as possible!

Mykola Pustovoychenko
The LeanyLabs Team

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