Introducing monday AI assistant! 👨‍💻

Get ready for a new era of productivity. We will be bringing the power of Artificial intelligence to your workspaces and are opening up our platform for third-party developers to build AI apps on the monday marketplace.

In May, we will be launching a beta version of monday AI assistant which will include a collection of innovative apps built internally on the same monday AI assistant infrastructure where external developers will be able to build apps for the monday marketplace.

As part of the beta launch, monday AI assistant will be able to:

:zap:Generate tasks

:zap:Compose and rephrase emails

:zap: Summarize complex tasks

:zap: Build formulas

With this launch, will become one of the first SaaS companies to allow external developers to add further functionalities.

Interested in being one of the first app developers to develop the power of artificial intelligence into monday workspaces? will host an external hackathon from June 20-22, offering an in-person experience to developers in London, New York and Tel Aviv, and an opportunity to participate virtually to developers around the world.

See more information here.

What will be your first command to your monday AI assistant?


Hi community!
I am Or, a product lead at monday. As we prepare to bring the power of artificial intelligence to your workspaces, we want to invite the community to become part of our beta testers.
Sign up here to join us and be part of bringing AI to the platform.


Super excited! Great news Monday.

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Amazing thing…!!

I am waiting to test it asap.


Am new to using Monday. Just saw the new AI Formula column- can’t wait. Exactly what ive been trying to do.

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Will this be opt-in or opt-out when its released?

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So AI assistant is something that haven’t been developed yet? You offers to developers to start migrate their AI apps to the marketplace? Just like a regular monday marketplace app?

Opt-in at least in the beginning

AI assistant is something that will be gradually released soon (so you can understand it was developed and worked nicely ;)).
We offer developers to add more capabilities on this infrastructure, so users will be able to consume them also through the monday marketplace.
Let me know if you have any questions on that!

Can you explain more about the infrastructure? Any docs maybe?

Quick question:

Does the AI store the data is scans in a repository somewhere, and will it be using that data to answer questions for others who use Monday AI Assistant?

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@Julietteb @OrFrid @BiancaT What if focused on other things that it is shockingly bad at vs developing something with the letters “AI” so that you can mention it on earnings calls? Get the basics of project management right! Where are recurring tasks that dont take some “Automation” to use? How about cross board dependencies? How about you incorporate the things that we have to pay other apps, like generalcaster and autoboost, to do which your platform should do natively? How about fixing obvious things first, like being able to use mirror columns and formula columns like actual columns? The list goes on. I have spent DAYS. DAYS! trying to figure out how to make this software do something simple for a standard project management application!!! Maybe should use some AI model to comb through its community board to see how let down its users are about the platform’s failure to do basic things? You are a >$5B market cap company (even after it dropped 60%)!!! Get a line of credit and hire people to fix the basic stuff!!!, Yours truly, Frustrated in Atlanta & looking at alternatives.


Hi. Can Ai Assistant work in Spanish?

Is this an AI that has been developed by or has it been acquired by a 3rd party?
How is data protection handled when we use the AI for processing data? Is the data solely managed within or is data shared with a 3rd party provider?
If so, where can we read about GDPR conformity?

These points were not at all mentioned and answered in yesterdays presentation of new features, so I hope to get some answers this way.

Thanks in advance!

Hi @TFaust !
Thanks for your questions and interest in monday AI!
A few responses:

  1. is using 3rd party vendors as our models for the different features.
  2. Take a look on our AI terms & conditions that I believe address your questions regarding the data: monday AI Beta Terms and Conditions - Legal Portal
    If you still don’t find the answers there, we will be happy to help!

Or Fridman

Hey Julio!
It was tested mainly in English, but should work also in Spanish.
We welcome you to test the features once you get access to them and share with us your feedback about the quality in Spanish!
Or Fridman

Hello @OrFrid ,

thanks for coming back to me and providing me the requested information.

Have a great day.

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