Introducing: Simple Column Values for API

Hey everyone! :rocket:

You can now use strings when sending data to a particular column instead of formatting it as a JSON. This is particularly useful when updating simple columns such as text or status columns. You can find all the documentation for this on our developer page.

Using a status column as an example, you would now be able to use either "Done" or "0" as your value for updating the status. If you still prefer to send it as a JSON string, those mutations remain unchanged: "{\"label\":\"Done\"}"

One additional thing to note is you can mix these! This means your query can use both simple values and JSON values.

Here’s how it would look when used in a change column value mutation:

mutation {
  change_simple_column_value (board_id: xxxxxx, item_id: xxxxx, column_id: "status", value: "Done") {

And the create item mutation:

mutation {
  create_item(board_id: xxxxxx, item_name: "My Item", column_values: "{\"status\": \"Done\" }") {

You will mainly be using this new feature in 2 scenarios - when updating the value of an item using the change_column_value mutation, or when creating a new item by using the create_item mutation and setting its values on creation.

The following columns currently support being updated with a simple column value:

  • Date column
  • Dropdown column
  • Email column
  • Link column
  • Long text column
  • Number column
  • People column
  • Phone column
  • Status column
  • Text column

If you try and send a simple string to a column which does not currently support it, the server will reply with a message explaining the problem:

“error_message”: “column type CountryColumn is not supporting changing the column value with simple column value, please check our API documentation for the correct data structure for this column. API v2 Documentation”,

Hope this is useful for everyone! If you have any questions let us know below.