Introducing TimesheetsPRO (TSPRO) for

Hello, community! As a Platinum partner of, we are excited to announce the beta launch of our new app,TimesheetsPRO (TSPRO). It helps teams plan and track time spent and derive meaningful insights on capacity and utilisation.


  • Calendar View : This view allows users to plan their week in advanced by dragging and dropping the sub-items from the board. The task list can be filetred for each user via setup. Select the desired people and status column from sub-item level to show tasks assigned to individual user and also filter the tasks that are completed.
  • Submit & Publish : Once the entry is created it goes into Submit stage whcih is tentative but still user has ability to ammend the date and time of entry. Publish allows users to solidify their timesheets and writes back the cummulative hrs to the sub-item numbers column (Use Setup) within the board.
  • Reporting : The reporting view of TSPRO allows users to visualise the time spent in detailed manner. The reporting view collects all the entries from all the boards to derive insights. Simply use filters and pivot mode to get your desired report or use charts functionality to get deeper understanding of your time spent.

How it Works

TimesheetsPRO has 2 board views : Calendar View to add timesheets and a Reporting View for visualisation. Here’s a quick glimps of the app.


  • Track time spent on projects with a single click and Bulk log your timesheets
  • Get full-picture of your team’s time with powerful reports that help you make decision

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Thanks for taking the time to learn about our new app, TimesheetPRO (TSPRO). We hope it can help you optimise your workflow on and we look forward to your feedback.

Shamika Khedkar
Senior Consultant, Work Perfect