"Invalid Datetime" when creating or moving an item to another board

Hey there,
There’s a problem with the creating and moving action of an item to another board. When transferring one that has an empty date, the date column shows “Invalid Date”.
Hope I can get some feedback on this recurring problem.



Hey @CacttusMan - looking into this to see if I can re-create it on my end.

Could you post the query you’re running to re-create this?


It isn’t a querry. I run an automation that creates the same item in another board. If a date column is empty, when creating the item, it shows Invalid date.

@CacttusMan Thanks for clarifying. I tried re-creating this on my end but wasn’t able to.

Could you please send me a short screen recording of the steps you take leading up to the issue? I’d like to take a look so I can help as best as I can.

You can use the online tool loom.com to record for free and then send me a link.