Inventation for Appointments Outlook or Office 365

Hi Monday Team,

we are already a Monday customer. We work with the pro plan and we love using it day by day.

We organise and schedule coachings and other appointments for our employee in monday. At the moment there is no column for Appointments. The Date column is not enough because it has no end Date. it will be possible to set a second date column but it would be much easier to have a date column with a duration parameter.

When the planing is finished we had to create all appointments again in Outlook an invent the staff manually. It would be nice if we can send an inventation to the attendee of the meeting and also to a ressource (room) in O365 or Outlook.

This will incrase our planning process massivly and will save a lot of hours of work. Also it will prevent us from mistakes.

At the moment i can only create a appointment in Outlook or O365 in my own calander. But this is not helpful.

Hey Bastian

What happens if you set the time of your appointments from the date column and then sync the date column to your Outlook calendar?

Sorry, but this is not possible at the moment or i don’t know how to configure this

HI Bastian,

You can add a time to your dates right from the column and it will block off 1 hour on your calendar:

Does that work?

For step by step walkthrough of how to sync your board with your calendar check this out @Bastian:

Ok, that helps a little bit. But i have to change the meeting duration manually. Also there is a (Datum) in the Appointment Subjekt.

Can you send a screenshot as an example of what you mean?