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Hey Community!

We’re an 8-person coffee roasting company and we’re a few days into our free trial. For so many reasons, traditional ERPs aren’t the best tool for us to use for our production. It seems Monday is a good fit for us, but we’re running into a wall when it comes to setting up an inventory and production workflow. We’ve read the knowledge base and reached out to support, but it seems we need help!

The basic architecture of our production workflow goes something like:

Sales team issues a Production Order

  • Order may have several Products
  • Products may have several Components
    Production team receives Production Order and creates a Roast Log item
  • Each Component needs its own Roast Log item

We need our Roast Log board to interact with our Green Coffee Inventory board.

  • Each Component is an item in Green Coffee Inventory
  • Each Component has a current inventory (number)
  • We need Component inventory to change by way of two actions:
  1. Roast Log entry (number of coffee kgs roasted will draw down current inventory)
  2. Restock (number of coffee kgs purchased will increase current inventory)

Right now we have Restock as a subitem on each item in Green Coffee Inventory Component, since we will Restock these from time to time. We can’t figure out how to mirror subitems, for one thing. Our Current Inventory (number) is a column in Green Coffee Inventory.

We also need some help setting up our Dashboards for sales & production teams.

Please let us know if you can help!

Thanks so much.

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Hi @kiki_nern :wave:

Welcome to the community!

upstream can help. We are Platinum Partners, Preferred Partners and APAC Partner of the Year for 2020. Based in Australia, we have a global staff network encompassing dedicated teams.

You’ll have access to our Solutions Engineers as well as our full stack Development Team who specialize in integrations and custom requirements. We have experience in inventory solutions as well as detailed project management requirements so I’m confident we can help.

Please feel free to return by email directly via alternatively you can book straight into my calendar for a meeting using the below link. I would be very interested to understand your use case and see how we can help you.

Meet with Peta

Kind regards,
Peta - upstream

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Hi @kiki_nern !

My team , Lucid Day, and I have a complete system created for your situation! Our system solves the following pain points such as:
Shipment Inventory Management

  • Future Projections of Shipped Inventory
  • Quantities of Inventory (Automatic calculations when inventory is used and restocked)
  • Live Updates of Inventory Locations
  • Accountability for Responsible Parties involved with Inventory
  • History of items being shipped to certain Clients and Locations.
    *Dashboard analytics on inventory based sales

I would be more than happy to demo this for you in a 30-minute meeting for free! Please choose a date using my Calendly link here.

Thank you!


Hello Kel, we can help! I sent you a PM. Talk soon!

Hey @kiki_nern and welcome to the community forums!

This sounds like a very interesting use case and I would appreciate the opportunity to connect with you to learn a bit more about your business and the way you wish to utilize

Our team at CarbonWeb has worked on quite a few advanced workflows and have implemented a complex inventory management system a few times. Not only for a few of our clients, but also for ourselves! I believe our team is well equipped to assist you with this task and I hope we can find some time to discuss.

If you would like to schedule with me, please do so here: Consultation - Ricky

Good luck!

Best regards,

Ricky Tomer

VP of Sales
Carbon Web Print, LLC
Schedule Consultation | Website
Phone: 440-462-7743 | Email :

Thanks for your reply! I checked your calendly and everything is in the middle of the night for us over here in GMT+7.

Hi Ricky - you’re kind to reply, thanks so much! I took a look at your calendly and everything available is in the middle of the night for us over here in GMT+7

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@kiki_nern I would be more then happy to help accommodate you!

Please feel free to email me at!

Thank you! And I look forward to hearing from you!

Hi @kiki_nern - please kindly send me an email to and I would be happy to work out a better time! Hope to hear from you.

We would love to work with you and talk to you about your needs. We are a certified services partner. If you haven’t found someone to work with yet, please send an email to and we can set up a call this week!!

Hi Kel,
If you are still looking out for some help, feel free to reach out to me as this is well within my area of expertise.
You can reach me on
Best Wishes,