Invest in the api

The graphQL API is really cool but seems that lot of features are missing.
Also I saw that new features to the graphQL API are implemented once a month or 2 - is in Monday’s plans to increase the frequency of delivery?

I am asking because I would like to take a decision if starting a development against your current API or should I wait till it will be a bit more mature.


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Hey @jgafner!

Welcome to the community :slight_smile: What are you trying to build? What specific features are missing for you?

Maturity is a bit of a broad term, so I’ll say this:

Our API is being used by thousands of people a day, and supports our customers’ most complex workflows. It’s certainly usable and robust enough to rely on.

Our R&D team actively updates both our API and apps framework, with improvements based on client requests and our goals.

We focus on both API improvements and the apps framework, so in a given period you may see more feature updates in one product than another. September was the high holidays in Israel, so our output was a bit slower during that month as well.

We build our API to cover the most common use cases. There are specific feature requests that are on our roadmap, and we try to prioritize them according to how many folks are asking for them (and the impact of each request). Currently we aren’t aiming for 100% feature parity with our web platform, instead focusing on specific features that enhance multiple API use cases.

We’re planning a webinar on our Developer Roadmap next month, where we’ll discuss our plans for the apps framework. I’d love for you to join. It’s going to be on November 3rd. We’re still tying down the time, but once it’s confirmed I’ll add the details in this thread.

Let me know if that answers your question. If you want to speak more, you can sign up for time with my team here: Developer Success Office Hours

Hi @dipro
We started writing plugins for Jetbrains and vscode to support monday operation from within the IDE.
And so we wanted to be able to present to the user a similar UI in the IDE and we just started and we already found lot of important missing features like:
1.Pagination data in the response
2.Folder names
3.Default WS data

So now we kind of not sure about the ability to complete the project.

About the webinar thanks it sound good, I ll try to make it.


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Hey @jgafner – I see. It’s an interesting project! What’s the use case? To be able to update monday issues from inside your IDE?

I’ve passed along those feature requests over to our dev team, by the way.

Yes exactly to update and to see.

I see! I noticed that two of your requests are around board organization (folder names and workspace data).

What if you created a separate hierarchy inside your app? For example, instead of exposing the full folder and workspace hierarchy, you can allow the user to “favourite” certain boards (by name or ID).