iPhone mobile app: add ability to rename Groups

Would have expected a long press on the Group name to allow editing. Unfortunately it does nothing.

Tapping the Group name just brings up the Collapse Group option.

Monday Support says Edit Group Name does not yet exist.

So can you please add the ability to edit Group names in the iPhone app?

Hey John,

We know this is missing from the iOS app and it is something which is planned in the very near future. We’re working super hard to release more versions with new features and improvements very frequently - currently twice per week for iOS so this should be available in no time (it’s currently number 3 on our list of board improvements for iOS)!


Thanks Julia.
The people I contacted at Monday.com Support were not aware that it is missing and suggested I post a feature request. Glad to know the feature is on its way.


Great, thanks for letting us know! Our mobile team are just now working on the roadmap for the rest of the year which not everyone has access to at the moment which is probably why they didn’t know! :slight_smile:

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