Is a dynamic time tracking possible?

I have a question about time tracking:
every item in our Monday stands for a task that an employee should work on.
This can lead to work interruptions.
If there is an interruption, the status of the item is set to “Stuck”.
At the same time, today’s date is entered in the “Start of Stuck time” field.
When the interruption is over, the status of the item is reset to “Processing” and a further field “End of Stuck time” is filled with the date of the change to “Processing”.
Occasionally this process is repeated several times, which is why we have added another field “Total Stuck time”, which is filled with the difference between “End of Stuck time” minus “Start of Stuck time”.
Our problem: if we repeat the process, the values of “Start of Stuck time”, “End of Stuck time” and “Total Stuck time” are overwritten.
Our goal: to display / calculate the entire time in which the item is on status “Stuck”.
Is this possible on Monday?

Best regards