Is cross domain communication between and an iframe possible?

We have an iframe in our system inside
We need to communicate between iframe domain and using JavaScript.
We have control of code on both sides but we need to know if its possible to communicate two ways.
Like if something happens inside our iframe, it should be displayed on our our view.

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Hi @dgrizwan, welcome to our community!

Hmm at this time, I do think that if you were to set this up, you may run into a CORS-related blockage issue.

We’ve had quite a few posts relating to CORS blockages in our community, so feel free to take a look around! I don’t believe any of them directly correspond to what you’re looking to build though.

Let us know if you do try to go ahead with this and run into any trouble. Happy to think along with you!

Hi Helen, so there is absolutely no way that our system can have two way communication with our Iframe within our Monday app? I looked into some of the other posts but non seemed to outline any solutions. Thank you!

Hi @EricMonday,

Honestly I’m not 100% certain if it will definitely be blocked. If I were you, I would definitely try it out and see how far you get!

It does seem highly likely that you would run into a CORS issue though, but depending on the system you’re hoping to connect, maybe there’s an authorization you can utilize/implement that would prevent this from happening?

The system I would be connecting to would be my own Iframe hosted on my own servers, so there would be no CORS issue on my end. If there was any problem it would come from the side not allowing me to communicate with my Iframe.

Ahh okay. I think this should be okay then? Since you’re not trying to access data in a different iFrame, but the other way around.

Let me know if you do implement it and run into any trouble though!

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Hi @dgrizwan and @EricMonday!

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If this issue is still persisting for you, feel free to comment on this thread before then or start a new topic.


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