Is it possible creating API integrations with VISUALIZATOR type of USER?

Hello guys, and all experts!
Please, as I´m not expert and just the key user to help the IT responsible to implement features in our system, sorry for the question.
But is it possible to create API integrations with VISUALIZATOR type of USER instead of member user? Because we don´t have more capacity of users, for the IT developer , at the moment.
thanks ,

Hello there @Leandro ,

Matias here!

What are you trying to achieve exactly? Which kind of flow?

Are you talking about guest users? What would they do?

What would the integration be (between monday and what)?

Looking forward to hearing from you :slightly_smiling_face:


We´re connecting our ERP database with our Monday boards. And for that an IT technician, registered at Monday accout as Visualizator type, vould create an API? Or to do so, is necessary Member account?

Hello again @Leandro !

They need to be regular members or admins.

Viewers can not have access to the API.


I see, Matias, thank you for the clarification!
Best regards,

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