Is it possible through automation to capture and display who edits a pulse?

Is there a way to capture who edits a pulse and enter that data into a column on a board?

Hi @jdavies-IDD! While this wouldn’t be automation related - can you use the “last updated” column? You can then incorporate this into any notify automation. Cheers!

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Great thought, I will give that a try.

Hi @jdavies-IDD, don’t think you need automation for that. Have you had a look at the “Last updated” column. Does exactly that.

That only works if the person who made the last edit is the person you want to email. The email we are capturing may not be someone active on the board, it may be a third party all together.

Sorry, wrong topic. I have two outstanding questions and did not pay enough attention to the response you posted.

As I looked at both of your suggestions, I don’t think that will work.

We are using the board to establish an inbound freight, receiving, inspection, and inventory location process. Multiple people may edit a pulse through the process. We would like to automate capturing the user that receives the freight when the move the status from inbound to received. If the receiving is the last step on the pulse this works. However once it is marked received, we want to capture who marked it as received and then notify the person that needs to inspect the items that they are in house. We have the notification portion worked out and can manually enter who does the receiving, but would prefer to automate it. Make sense?