Is it possible to auto-sort pulses?


We have many boards that are sorted by due date, not by date a pulse was entered. Is it possible for the board to auto-sort by date any time a new pulse is added?

Example: I add a high urgency project to a board for our design team, but it automatically lives at the bottom of the group. I’d like this to move up in the queue without my having to click the sort option at the top of the column.



i would love this one!
i have made a request for this one!

this is in the roadmap?


I’m eager to see this one in Monday also.


For now, If I needed that function I would make a date column for “assigned on” or something like that. Then you could easily sort by that.

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Would love this too. We have lots of boards where pulses are created by automations and integrations so it would be great if they could be auto sorted by our priority status column.


This is definitely a need! any possibility this will be implemented soon? Thanks in advance.

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:rofl: I requested this feature as well through email. Even though I used it more as a playful way into getting our teammates to use I found it as an actual useful tool like you just mentioned @mkingsland

The way I initially used it was to have all our team mates vote for a restaurant they’d all like to eat at. I wanted the most voted items to be able to climb to the top and have them get excited.

  • I love that idea!
  • Is this what you are using for??

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Tweak… While an default/auto sort would be nice; to me, an even better feature would be a way to save a board’s table view based on the current sort. That way, the user isn’t stuck with one auto-sort view.

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@jontc — That’d be a flexible implementation. I like this idea.

Hey @jontc we actually do have this functionality via the use of creating views! If you filter the board, you can save that to a new view and go to that view for the specific filter :slight_smile:

As for the sorting of columns, this is something we are looking into everyone! We appreciate all of the feedback :slight_smile:

You could filter the board by the Creation Log column for the time being!

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