Is it possible to automate notifying a user when a new Group is created?

We use groups for new projects. Unfortunately, I was well in to this structure when I found that automations don’t seem to play with Groups at all. Just confirming this is still the case?

Hi @Sonya,

If I were you, I would add to the bottom of your automation that creates groups a notification after it is created to the desired party. Seen below…

If this is not exactly what you are looking for let me know below qnd we can walk through other scenarios!

Mike B
Automation Architect

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I’m not clear on this … How can the status change if the group is not yet created?

I would like “when a new group is created, then notify…”

Or actually – our workflow will be that, to initiate a project, someone has to duplicate an existing sample group, then change the name … So maybe it is “when a new group is created and only if it’s name is not “Sample Group,” then notify…”?

If that is the case, I would recommend an automation to create the group so that this notification is created. Instead of manually copying the group every time, you can easily create a trigger (like a button in this case) that can automatically create the group by duplicating a template group with items and then send a notification!

Demo of Group Duplication

You will need this automation set up with the template group you want to duplicate for this to work:

Hope this helps and feel free to follow AXANEXA for more great ideas like this as we post them regularly!

Mike B
Automation Architect

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Thanks! Great use of the button. I will try that (and sorry for missing earlier that you were giving me a direct way to contact you via the Contact form!)



I am trying to figure out how to keep that notification from happening until after the name gets changed to something meaningful. Like, maybe that notification should not happen until a group is created and then the group name is changed… ?

I’d like to do something like : only if the name does not include “duplicate of”… ?

Hi There,

Good question however the group name is static and doesnt really trigger anything in the out of the box features.

However, you can add in the template a task that asks for the creator to change the name of the group. Once they change the name, they can tag the owner of the group in the updates that it is ready.

I would highly recommend getting in contact with us about an efficiency review of your system as the groups can be helpful but there are other ways to model this and have many more options to automate and notify your team!

We specialize in digitizing your PMO and empowering your users at the same time.

Looking forward to our future partnership!

Mike B
Automation Architect

Thank you! I am probably the efficiency review for the foreseeable future. … But I have recommended we change our approach to not divide the boards by groups as much.

instead of duplicating a group manually could you setup a form that someone fills out to start a new project so every time a form is submitted it creates a new group by using the automations and you can use “COLUMN MAGIC” automations to automatically name your group based on something

  1. When a new item is created and only if item is in THIS GROUP “sample group” then set status to “CREATE GROUP”
    this wouldn’t show on your form it would only be a column on the back end to start triggering the workflow
  2. When status changes to “CREATE GROUP” then create a group and move item to “top group” and set status (the same status that now says “create group” to “Notify” then clear column (that same status column) [this is where you would also name group with column magic based on something]
    that group you create by automation #2 will now become your “top group”
  3. When status changes to “Notify” notify people column
    people column will be populated from the form you filled out

so all by filling out a form with the information you have

  1. created your group automatically
  2. named your group automatically
  3. notified your team member a new group has been created with this info

I can walk you thru all of this too if you need more help. I built our ENTIRE platform from scratch that our commercial HVAC construction company uses for every single job folder.

I also have an entirely separate system if you want each of your projects to be their own job folders that uses a very similar process.

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Thank you! We’re still awaiting our IT/security team’s approval to use forms (because they look like a 3rd party integration, although I’ve confirmed with that they are not). And, I’m trying to accomplish the same thing for our group. SO many frustrations along the way. Much appreciated!