Is it possible to automate to somone a board view every monday morning?

I’d like to be able to send someone a board view I’ve filtered as a notification email ever monday morning. Is there an automation or other functionality to do that?


hi @brianwbates

If you save a filtered view (and optionally hide some columns) as a new view you can share that view with a link. Anybody with that link can view (view only !!) your board. You can include the url to that view in an (outlook) recurring event and send that. The view is always showing the live status.

Does that help?

Hi @brianwbates - Why not save the filtered view and then send a notification with that email each day?

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Great minds, @basdebruin, great minds… LOL

She has the link, but I’d like to automate out of Monday the report so she gets it pushed to her vs her pulling it. Thanks for the feedback.

same thoughts Deb :slight_smile:

Did you see the announcement for custom field dependencies. Works amazing except for one thing (already reported). When field B is dependent on field A you get a nice warning if you try to fill field B without filling field A only. In your endpoint for field B you receive the value for field A.

The one thing that is not 100% ok is this order:

  • fill field A
  • fill field B (values derived from an endpoint with value of A in payload)
  • change field A to something else
  • fill field B >>> now your endpoint is not called and a “cached” option list for B is shown

enjoy your weekend

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