Is it possible to create an automation using the GraphQL API?


We have a requirement to trigger an automation at a predefined time and I can see from this tutorial that Monday supports this:

Is it possible to create the automation using the GraphQL API?


hi @joe2021

It’s not 100% clear what you are trying to achieve. The API itself does not support a type of scheduling. What you can do is to create an app with a scheduler as the trigger and a custom endpoint pointing to your own server on the internet. On that server you would listen to these incoming request an use GraphQL calls to the API.

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Essentially we want to use the following automation functionality on a board and was hoping we could create it through the API.

Under Step 1: Choose a trigger there is an option “When Date arrives” > do something. In our case I’ve set this up as “When date arrives set Status to Ready”. It allowed me to pick our Date column.

I’ve been doing some testing to see if duplicating a board with the automation configured will provide a workable solution and the automation didn’t trigger.

Have I understood this automation trigger correctly?


I agree with @joe2021 - allowing apps to build automation recipes through the API can tremendously help users. The general use case I am considering is to be able to add views and create automation recipes on behalf of users using the API. This would reduce the effort and complexity that users currently face to setup apps they installed.

Hello everyone!

Thank you for the feedback :slightly_smiling_face:

I will share it with our Apps and API team!