Is it possible to get a delta between a column value and previous value (or last week value) of same column?

I need a column or a dashboard widget that I can compare a value form a column with a value form the same column a week ago, or at least the previous value.

Hi @paulosoares - you can visualize date changes within the Gannt view and enabling the “Baselines” option. This only works for specified dates of course.

One thing to note, this has/will be moved into the monday Projects product, so there is a chance this option isn’t already available to you (unless you have Projects already).

You can also see changes within the Activity log, however this is not visualized in a dashboard etc. I am not aware of a way to retain the previous value of a column on change into a new column?


Hi Mark. Thanks for helping. Retrieving the change from the activity log would best case scenario. I will take a look at the this Baseline option