Is it possible to max out sub-items within a board/account?

Why did we get an error saying we are maxed out in subtasks? Is that possible?
Are there limits on the number of subtasks we can create for a board? or an account in case? Thank you!


I would email support directly on this. You will probably get a response quicker and if its a bug they can help directly.

Already did, Thanks! Seems like their support ticketing system is very slow.

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Yes its been slower lately than in the past. Response is about 1 day currenlty.

Hi @TJ_S,
There is no limitation on the number of subitems, so it seems like a bug.
In case the issue still persisting, please reach out to our support team.

Hi @andrewalmand,
I’m sorry to hear you experienced slowness with the responses from our Support team.
Maybe at this time we were experiencing some slowness, but we are working within our SLA and try to reply as soon as possible.

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