Is it possible to scan data during data entry or afterwards?

My client has rules written for KVKK and competition to prevent data leaks.

For example, when the words ‘a rival company’ and ‘price’ come together or are paired, they are notified by the system they are currently using.

Is it possible to do this on Monday?

Or what solutions can be produced for data loss prevention (DLP)?


Hello @ekinsogut !

Are you referring to the date in the columns , or for example in an update? I am trying to understand how this pairing works.

It might be possible with something like Make depending on your answer, but my guess is that it would not be worth the overhead cost.

Please describe your use case a little bit more so I can help.

Giannis, Implementation Consultant at

Hello @GiannisKoukounas

They receive a warning when the words ‘competitor’ and ‘price’ come together or match (maybe these words can be searched in the entire board somehow, I’m not sure). For safety.

They are actually looking for a DLP solution around the General Data Protection Regulation.

I see. In that case, I unfortunately do not have something to suggest :slightly_frowning_face: