Is it possible to set a boards description thorugh a mutation?

Hello! I’m reading through the documentation regarding boards in this case and I’m not really sure about some things. Since it’s possible for me to create a board through a mutation, is it also possible for me to set a description for that board in the same mutation? Or is it even possible at all?

Alright, but how about other fields? I guess since the description doesnt work to set like that, that you can’t create custom fields which you can set in that fashion either? :slight_smile: Thanks for your quick reply!

Hello again @Sina!

Which fields are you referring to particularly?

Well, I need to set when the project/board starts, and when its excepted to end for example. I would like to set a status for the entire board as well. And most importantly, I would like to set these fields though a mutation is that’s even possible. :slight_smile:. So I would like to know if these field exists, if not: Can I create them customly? And lastely, Can I set these values through a mutation?

Hello again!

There is no way to set a “finishing date” of a board or when the board should be created.

There are no statuses for boards either.

You can’t create these fields customly yourself either as of today.

Please let me know if you have more questions!


@Sina, @Matias.Monday

Regarding updating a board description, I have been able to update board descriptions using the following:

mutation {
  update_board(board_id: 12345678, board_attribute: description, new_value: "This is My Favorite Board")

I went back and checked the documentation and could not find it. I don’t remember how/where I was able to find out how to do it.

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Good catch @JCorrell. The update)board mutation is missing from the developers documentation. However, it is listed in the PAI playground internal docs.

@Matias.Monday, can you please make sure the developers documentation is updated?


Wow! Big man @JCorrell with the 360 dunk! You were absolutely right, I just tried it out and it works like a charm. Thank you, buddy! :slight_smile:

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Amazing @JCorrell!

That is something I had not seen before!

Thank you for that! It is great to count with people like you with such great knowledge (and memory!) and willing to help the other devs using monday :muscle:

Yes @basdebruin for sure I will share this with our team so we can update that information in our documentation :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks guys!


Thanks Guys… You’re making me blush. :upside_down_face: Not really. Bas is the king of helpful!

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