Is it possible to set automatically a status to an item based on its location?


I would like ton know if there is an app or a workaround to get a status based on a location (column location), as would work a GIS software with a buffer.


If you are trying to set the status based on Location column (Dropdown), then you may try automation like this -

Thanks for your reply but i mean really the Location column like an address and not a dropdown column.

Can you please share some example values of your location column?

Well this is an address, that can’t be something else with this kind of column

Hi Guillaume,

What exactly are you trying to do? Can you share an example. What value do you expect in the location column and when do you need to change to a particular status?

I can imagine you want to change a status column based on country or city to divide items accross teams if you use a status column for this.

Any extra context certainly helps trying to give a practical answer or solution.