Is it possible to set my own Board ID?

Hi guys!
Like the topic asks, is it possible to set my own Board ID in a mutation? Perhaps when I’m creating a new board. Basically I need to link a unique ID between Monday and another system I’m building on, but I get the ID from the other system (not Monday), and wanted to know what would be the best element to link the ID on. Since Wokspace is a “collection” of different boards/projects I don’t think that would work, since I want to link each board. Any help is appreciated!

Hello @Sina !

You can not set your own board ID. Board IDs as item IDs are unique and set automatically. They can not be set by the user or modified.

What most people usually do in these cases is using a text or number column in each item with the Identification number they need to link to each one. Then they retrieve the information from that specific column to match that item with the item in the second platform.

Does this help? Let me know what you think :slightly_smiling_face: