Is monday app tunnel having issues?

Hi there,
I’m having some issues loading app static resources using monday tunnel. (@mondaydotcomorg/tunnel).
When the app is being loaded, the .js files are getting “206 Partial Content”. If I create a ngrok tunnel, it works perfectly.
Do someone know if the tunnel service is having some issues?

Thank you.


Hello there @rmrodrigues,

We are having issues with the monday tunnel at the moment.

Since I do not have an ETA on when it could be solved, I recommend using something else (like ngrok or similar) to expose your project to the internet.


Hey @Matias.Monday , I would like to know if there is still issue in the monday tunnel because for me the tunnel is not being created and console logged?
Thanks in advance.

Hello there @imaad and welcome to the community!

Yes. The issue persists and we still do not have an ETA on the resolution so I recommend using something else to expose your project :grin:


Thank for the reply @Matias.Monday . Could you suggest me what would be the best method to start with the custom integrations?

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Hello again @imaad,

If by “method” you are referring to a tool to expose your project to the internet, I can not officially recommend a specific tool that is not related to

I usually use ngrok if that helps as a reference :grin:


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Cloudflare Tunnel and ngrok option I’ve heard work well. Not being a employee I’m not limited in what I can say. Cloudflare Tunnel is free though for small projects.

Since I develop for aws lambda, I usually just rely on logging statements - and cloudwatch log tailing. Or cdk watch which will stream logs to the console.

I could run locally but I’ve found little value in a step through debugger, so logs usually cover everything I need - so just running remote to start seems to work for me.

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Thank you for the recommendations @codyfrisch !!!

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