Is OAuth access token valid across multiple accounts?

I had a look at the Multiple Accounts section here but I couldn’t find info on this.

Here is the scenario:
-Say we have an app called app1.
-User X is part of They authorize app1. They’re able to make API calls and get the info they need.
-User X is now added to another account/subdomain: They authorize app1 in this new instance.

A couple of questions:
Question is: will the new access token generated after authorizing app1 be valid for API calls done on only?
OR will the new access token be valid for both AND If it’s the latter, will the first access token generated become invalid?


Hey @fshuman-adaptavist

Quick answer: No, it’s not valid.

Users, though they have the same email address, are different.

So we’ll treat the tokens as separate. Awesome, thank you!

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