Is the Tag column underutilized/underleveraged? (Mirror a tag column to link items across boards?)

A thought occurred to me: can we use the tags column to link together different things, without using linked and mirrored columns? Can we link items across boards using the tag column?

It can get messy if you don’t manage your tags cleanly, but if done right, the tags column is almost like a database unto itself.

If we mirror a tag column, can we reference the mirror? It doesn’t seem like it. Wouldn’t that potentially be super useful?

Is there a way to build automations around tags? Could such automations potentially be really powerful?

Can we use tags to take dashboards and analytics to another level? If not, is it in the works?

Just thinking out loud.

I have extensively tested using tags as kind of reference system. I tried to use tags as a “key” to identify items in another board ( from apps - integrations). Tags are not really globally for your account, you can have more than one tag with the same name (in different boards). Therefor unfortunately tags are not the holy grail for referencing items across boards.

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