Is there a Service Account, or any other server-to-server account?

There is a thread about the issue using your own API key, once you leave the company and your account is deactivated - someone must generate new API key and update the old one.

Is there a way to use some sort of the service account not tightly-coupled to any user to avoid those API key rotations upon leaving the company ? From the official doc It looks like there is no other way as to bind your own creds, but still worth asking since I wasn’t able to find any answer.

My use-case is an automation (daily job) that will create new items for the marketing team to review.

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You could create a “dummy” user in your account. You create an email account, and then create a user for that email account. The user would not belong to a specific person but to the company. You should then give that user access to whatever is needed for your API calls.

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Thanks for the prompt reply, this sounds like a solution!


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