Is there a way to assign a dollar value to a role/user/member every time they are assigned?

We work with contractors and need to have the ability to to assign a dollar value to a job role/user when creating projects. Is there a way to create an automation or auto formula that can assign a dollar (number) value to a job role once selected. How would I need to set the columns and/or automation up for that?

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Hi @conori :raised_hand:

Is it set up like this? Do the jobs always have the same value?

Job Role A - $500
Job Role B - $750
Job Role C - $1,000

If that is the case, then yes, you can create automations that trigger this. I would create a status or dropdown column with the Job Roles. Then, you can create an automation recipe like this:

“When status changes to Job Role A, set number to $500.”

Does that answer your question? I’m happy to help if you need anything else :slight_smile:

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