Is there a way to control board notifications and assignments, based on time and date of item creation?

I’m looking to build an app that is essentially an event log. When new log entries come in from external systems, I would like the user(s) who are currently on call to be the only ones notified and/or assigned to them.

Ideally there would be a board that represents the rota of who is on call at any given time, and an automation which is able to use this information.

At first glance (as a newbie) this doesn’t appear possible purely within monday (i.e. using automations only), and would require an external application, using the api, perhaps to change who is subscribed to a board to reflect who is on call.

Can anyone offer any suggestions about possible approaches to this?

Hi @CMcConnell

It looks to me as doable with an integration app (custom build). The trigger would be the new log entries (from external systems). That call for an app that is servicing an endpoint where the external system(s) can send data to. When data is received (assuming it has a timestamp) the custom app reads the rota board and assigns the correct agent to the newly created item. I think the most challenging part is to make sure the data received from thoes external systems is valid.

new to the monday apps marketplace here, but it sounds quite simple what you need to do. you probably could cobble something together with what’s existing, but you may have to get very creative. the simplest solution is to have an integration app that listens to the external system and creates items on a board as events come in. another task would be to update the subscribers as the time changes, so then the right person gets notified.

Thanks @basdebruin

I’m still very much learning about and many of the underlying technologies. I’d forgotten that there is a mechanism for creating custom automation rules. That does seem like it would offer the most flexible solution from a user perspective, rather than, say, having the originator of the event also directly generate a notification via the api.

Thanks @cryptocharlie404

I’m sufficiently new that nothing seems simple at the moment :grinning:, but it is particularly the second step, dynamically rooting notifications to the right people, that I am wondering about.

Hey @CMcConnell – Dipro here from I noticed your post and wanted to follow up with some additional suggestions.

If your app can determine who needs to get notified based on what event, you can use our API to send notifications to them in This will also dispatch an email notification to that user (as long as they haven’t disabled them).

Here’s the documentation for that particular API call: Create notification

Hi @dipro,

Thanks for the response. I did know about the ability to send notifications using the API. My thinking is that it would be better, if possible, to make use of the rules mechanisms that exist so that there would be no hard-coded logic, but rather user-defined logic. And also, it would only need to be implemented once, even if multiple systems were creating new items in a common format.

But I haven’t done anything with this yet, I’ve been focussing on a different project for now. (Which I am battling to complete in time for the current devpost contest deadline! :grimacing:)


Hey @CMcConnell :wave:

That definitely makes sense! I’m afraid that at the time, if you assign users to items or create items with people assigned through the API, this would not trigger a notification in the platform by default, so you’d have to add automations to the board in order to achieve that. That’s why I think using the notification mutation approach suggested by @dipro would be the best way to achieve what you are looking for :slight_smile:

What do you think?

And we’ll be keeping our fingers crossed to see your app submitted for the devpost contest :slight_smile:


Hi @AlexSavchuk,

Thanks for the additional information. I think I’ll need to do a good deal of experimentation before I fully get my head around what is and isn’t possible in this area. Fun times ahead. :grinning:

And thanks for the crossed fingers!

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