Is there a way to duplicate boards and preserve automations?

I have a parent board and a child board that are linked together. These are essential templates that work together. Is there a way to duplicate both boards and preserve the automation between them?

I do not have an answer but wanted to applaud you on the question. I too am developing boards to be used repeatedly as templates for executing a service to a client.

There are a few improvements to that I think would support the use of templates:

  • Allow the creation of Sub-folders in the board menu to organize boards into groups under a categorical header - such as, Clients -> Company A -> Product/Service -> Boards
  • Designate a group of boards as a template (preserved links/automation between them) OR ability to duplicate a group of boards
  • When created a new board from a template, pop-up a form to complete to set up the new board - such as, board owner, subscribers, board description, Client info, Project info, etc.

Before switching to, I briefly used ProcessSt. to set up repeatable templates for the execution of services to a client. I would love to see the template methodology ProcessSt. uses on That being, a template is designed with variables and can be assigned to a user to complete.
Example in A high-level board tracks up-coming projects. Once ready to initiate the project, automation creates a board (of set of boards) from a template and assigns them to a user. The user can now access the board templates and customize it for their client/customer, before completing the tasks on the board.

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Thanks for the feedback. I agree that a “group” of boards with inter-related actions or automations would be useful to have as a template. In the most simple example, I have a parent and child board. They have defined relationships between them. When I create new boards that are just duplicates of these, I have to set up the exact linked-actions, etc… all over again.

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From emails between and I, they have confirmed that this is currently not possible but is something they hope to have in the near future. I would find this extremely beneficial as we have many automations within our boards. :pray:

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