Is there a way to formulate IF value 'exists', Then.. etc

To give some context, I’m using Monday to log cases (like IT tickets). I have a Date Opened column which is just a plain date field, Date Closed column, which is another plain date field (I could automate it to automatically enter TODAY() when Status is changed to “Completed”), and a column to calculate “Days Since Opened”.

I started out by using this formula: DAYS({Date Closed}, {Date Opened}), but this leaves the field empty for currently opened cases.

Is there a way to format at it where if Date Closed “exists”, then return DAYS({Date Closed}, {Date Opened}), otherwise, substract today’s date with {Date Opened}?

For example:

IF({Date Closed}=Exists, DAYS({Date Closed}, {Date Opened}), TODAY(), {Date Opened}))

Thanks in advance!


Here’s one way:

DAYS(IF({Date Closed},{Date Closed},TODAY()),{Date Opened})

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That worked! THANK YOU!

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