Is there a way to query for the user's subscribed items?

IIUC the “Items By Column Values” query can’t be used, as the comparison has to be one to one and there’s no “in” operator (right?).


Hi @ram, welcome to our community!

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but it sounds like you’re looking to use the items_by_column_values() method as a way to retrieve not only the items that match a column value exactly, but also those that contain a part of the column value, right?

If so you are indeed correct that the comparison has to be 1:1.

I know this may not be the answer you were hoping for, so if you’d like, I would be more than happy to forward your feedback to our Product team for consideration!

Thank you @Helen for your reply and warm welcome :slight_smile:

In general, what I want to do is query for a user’s subscribed items.
I thought items_by_column_values might provide a way to do that if it would support other operators, and I understand now that it can’t be done (as I assumed before).

I’d love to hear about a way to solve the general problem if there is one, or if there’s a future update from the product team.

Thanks again :)!

Ahh okay, I see what you mean.

Currently, the subscribers attribute can only be passed as a field, and not an argument for your queries.

As such, I believe the only way to see all of the items a user is subscribed to is to query all of the items on the account with the subscriber field to see the subscribers for the item.

A bit roundabout, but could this work instead?

Thank you @Helen for this answer!

I’ll consider it, but this is something that’s intended to happen more than once so might be too inefficient for my use case.

Do you know if there’s a plan to add a query that will enable it in the future? (IMHO it might be a common use case and it’s also common in similar apis).


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Hmm I don’t believe in the near future.

But I would be more than happy to forward this on as feedback!

Got it, thank you @Helen!

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