Is there a way to remove a Major release?

Hi Monday support and Monday Dev community,
I wanted to know if there is a way we can roll-back a Major release.

Our team had a major backend api services overhaul and those api services will only work when the users upgrade their current item-view to new item-view. Since, our team Published a Major version (Item-view), all the api services will work properly only when the customers update their Item-view. This is because the code-base of our Backend is up-to date but the item-view that is of old version will still call the older API services causing the application to fail.

Do let me know. Thank you.


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There is not an easy way to do this (yourself - the team may be able to help), you need to redeploy your old backend, and deploy your new backend API with a different URL or some versioning header, etc. - you can then do a new minor release based on the major release that uses the new URLs (since URL changes don’t require major releases)